Android 7.0 Nougat Vs. iOS 10 review: Which OS is king of operations?

#AndroidNougat #iOS10Android 7.0 Nougat Vs. iOS 10 review: Which OS is king of operations? : Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Nougat are the latest mobile operating systems on the planet and are a representation of the stiff competition between the two tech giants. Android Nougat was released on Aug. 22 while iOS 10 arrived later on Sept. 13.

Android Nougat represents the seventh major OS on the Android platform and iOS 10 the tenth  main release of the iOS operating system. Both have come with groundbreaking features although each one of them occasionally outdoes the other in several areas.

According to data retrieved from Android’s website, Nougat’s main improvements over its predecessor include multitasking, carrying out actions without apps, saving money and life, along with personalization.

On the other hand, iOS 10 includes enhancements pertaining to improved Siri, rich lock-screen notifications, customization, messaging, and a packed photo app.

One significantly improved feature of iOS 10 is messaging. It has taken texting to a whole new level by including the handwriting option, where a user can send a message in their own handwriting.

The app also embraces customization of message bubbles while allowing the user to send messages accompanied by appropriate animations, stickers, sketches, and swapping out words with emoji.

With iMessage apps, an iOS 10 user to easily access their favorite apps to make payments, create and share content, among others, without necessarily having to leave the main Messages app.

Siri now opens Apps from the App Store, and so, one can request it to book a ride through Lyft or even send money to a friend through Square Cash.

It is also possible to book reservations using iOS 10 apps like OpenTable, all of which are located within the Maps app. Not only that, the same app can make proactive suggestions of where the user is likely to go and the fastest routes to get there.

iOS 10 integrates cool features like redesigned music and news, rich notifications, contextual predictions, multilingual typing, Apple pay on the Web, and Home Smart Home for unlocking doors, window shades, and turning on lights. The Photos app comes with cohesive features to enable a user to make movies, edit photos, among other appealing elements.

In addition, iOS 10’s enhanced security has prioritized the user’s privacy. The OS uses on-device intelligence to categorize the objects, people, and scenes in photos, as well as in powering Quick-Type suggestions. According to Apple’s iOS 10 website, the data is encrypted and is not used to create other profiles.

Android Nougat, contrastingly, has its own unique features. It’s messaging app and keyboard are now packed with over 1500 updated emoji that include 72 new ones. For customizability, there are numerous multi-locale language settings.

In terms of multitasking, Nougat has applied innovative multi-window views to offer quick switching between apps. Now customers can switch with a double tap and run two apps side by side.

It has even considered mobile gaming enthusiasts. With Vulkan API, a Nougat user can now enjoy high-performance 3D graphics although this applies to supported devices. What is more, the OS includes a virtual reality mode to step up the game in the mobile industry.

Nougat has, at the same time, managed to look out for a device’s hardware by ensuring a long battery life. This is achieved by using the Doze-on-the-GO feature, which enables a device to go into low power usage while the user is carrying it in their pocket or purse.

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