Bristol could be UFO hotspot – with 10 chilling reports of sightings in the past year

#UFO #BristolBristol could be UFO hotspot – with 10 chilling reports of sightings in the past year : Bristol could be being regarded from the heavens with envious eyes, while alien species slowly and surely draw their plans against us. Or alternatively, people in the city might be spending a lot of their free time videoing frisbees.

Either way, we can report that many people each year are making reports of seeing activity in the skies that they simply can’t explain. Earlier this week we reported that a police helicopter may have caught sight of a UFO flying over the Bristol Channel.

The invisible object, which could not be seen with the normal eye, was captured by thermal cameras. But now we can reveal that the sighting may not be as unusual as you might expect.

The website UFO Stalker has had 10 different Bristol sightings reported over the city in the last year alone. Back on September 25, one anonymous user of the website reported seeing an object floating over Yate.

The report described the object as “a red light in the sky”, with the member of the public going on to describe how “the light turned white and kept flashing red and white. “It was moving up and down and then moved left slowly and then moved to the right changing its speed as it moved.”

The UFO sounds remarkably similar to an object which appears in the above video tweeted by @jakegreenwood last month. Jake reports having watched the object hovering over Bedminster. Back on September 12, another online reporter described seeing a “white saucer” over Bristol.

“I saw this white saucer on my way home (I was walking) and I saw it descending before leaving my line of sight behind some houses.”
But according to the website UFO sightings have been happening for a number of years. On June 19,2010, one man managed to capture a photograph of a UFO, pictured above.

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