iPhone 7 Plus vs. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus: Which One Will You Buy?

#Mi5sPlus #iPhone7Plus iPhone 7 Plus vs. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus: Which One Will You Buy? : Chinese startup firm, Xiaomi, has launched its new Mi 5s devices. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is fitted with high-end specs that make it a rival of high-end devices available, including iPhone 7.

Xiaomi announced Mi 5s and 5s Plus at an event in Beijing on Tuesday, September 26. Today, the company is releasing the devices though its official website and The high-end Mi 5s Plus is fitted with specs similar to Apple’s recently announced iPhone 7 Plus. Here is a detailed comparison between iPhone 7 Plus and Mi 5s Plus.

Processor and RAM

Mi 5s

Apple’s iPhone 7 is powered by Apple A10 processor while Xiaomi 5s Plus includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset. A10 processor beats Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 by a small margin. However, Mi 5s Plus’s massive 6GB RAM provides the boost to compete with the performance of iPhone 7 Plus with 3GB RAM.

Internal Storage

Apple offers iPhone 7 in three variants including 32, 128 and 256GB storage options. On the other hand Mi 5s Plus offers maximum 128GB native storage. That is the major weakness of Xiaomi 5s Plus.


iPhone 7

Both devices are fitted with dual-cameras, iPhone 7 is fitted with 12MP dual-camera while Mi 5s Plus feature 13MP dual cameras. Moreover, Mi 5s Plus is expected to have better image quality with Sony IMX 258 sensors.

However, we are yet to receive official reviews about Xiaomi’s photo quality. Apple’s iPhone 7 includes 7MP selfie shooter far better than 4MP secondary camera in Mi 5s Plus.


Mi 5s Plus offers 5.7-inch display, slightly bigger than 5.5-inch in iPhone 7 Plus. Although both devices use IPS LCD with Full HD resolution, iPhone offers 401 ppi density as compared to Xiaomi’s 386 pixel density.


Apple has fitted 2,900mAh battery in iPhone 7 Plus. Meanwhile, Mi 5s Plus is fitted with more powerful 3,800mAh battery. Moreover, Quick Charge 3.0 can charge 83% battery in just 30 minutes.


Apple’s iPhone 7 is one of the most expensive smartphone. In US, iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB internal storage costs $869. On the other hand Xiaomi is offering Mi 5s with 6GB RAM and 128GB for around $390. Source: Thebitbag

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