Microsoft Discusses a Very Limited Future for Windows 10 Mobile

#Windows10 #MobileMicrosoft Discusses a Very Limited Future for Windows 10 Mobile : Though Windows 10 Mobile made almost no appearance in Microsoft’s recent Ignite conference keynotes, the software giant did in fact discuss its future in a show session. And as you might expect given the platform’s death spiral, it’s pretty limited.

I know. But you don’t take my word for it. You can watch the sobering session, called Discover what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile for phones and small tablets, for yourself on YouTube. You can also find the slides from the presentation here. So what’s coming in Windows 10 Mobile?

New Continuum functionality, pretty much. More specifically:

Independent Monitor Idle. A terrible name for a useful feature, Independent Monitor Idle lets one screen time out (“sleep”) while you’re working with another screen. This can help save battery life, for example, so if you’re working on the big screen, the phone’s screen can turn off.

Proximity Connect. Today, you can use Continuum with wired or wireless (Miracast) connections. Future releases will support a third option, called Proximity Connect, which will let you keep the phone in your pocket or bag, approach a wireless dock, and keep working. This is obviously the feature HP plans to use for its laptop-like dock for the Elite x3. Which you will note is not actually shipping yet.

More customizable. You’ll be able to customize the Start screen separately on the phone and on the big screen connected via Continuum.

More PC-like features. Continuum’s full-screen experience will get more PC-like over time, adding familiar features like Start search, taskbar app pinning with context menus on right-click, a PC-like Action Center, and a system tray. But the biggest new feature here is windowing support: You will be able to run multiple apps simultaneously in floating windows, just like a Big Boy OS. You’ll also be able to run two apps side-by-side, just like Windows 8.

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