Microsoft Ignite: Picking out the Consumer Related Tidbits

#Microsoft #IgniteMicrosoft Ignite: Picking out the Consumer Related Tidbits : Although today is the final day of the 2016 version of Microsoft Ignite here in Atlanta and we already know that the mega conference will be hosted in Orlando, Florida next year I wanted to extract a few items that consumers would be interested in from this past week before the book is completely closed.

There is no doubt that Ignite is targeted at IT Pros and more than once this week I heard it referred to as the largest conference in the world for them. However, that does not mean some tidbits come in under the radar that can be of great interest to the readers of SuperSite.

So I wanted to take a few minutes to look back over the week and highlight those prosumer related items that we heard about to make sure they are on your radar as well.

Windows 10 Momentum

We learned on Monday morning during the first keynote of the day that Windows 10 was now being used by over 400 million monthly active users. This was the first update on those numbers in almost three months and actually showed a 38% drop form the previously reported period.

This measurement is much more accurate than how Microsoft used to count past versions of Windows when licenses were sold to retailers and then could be sitting in a box or on the shelf waiting to be sold to consumers.

This number now indicates how many users are actively on Windows 10 and using it – so the health of Windows 10 is solid right now from that perspective. The first 30 days of this reported period was still under the free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

The next time we hear from Microsoft for a new milestone number that will be completely after the free upgrade expired. Expect the progress to slow down even more because at that point Windows 10 will only be gaining active users with new PC purchases and enterprise/business migrations.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Although this new feature for Microsoft Edge was announced this week as an Enterprise feature, many of you as Windows Insiders are going to get the opportunity to test it in an upcoming Redstone 2 build of Windows 10.

Since it needs to have hardware capable of virtualization to create the sandboxed container to execute the identified threat, I suspect not all Insiders will get the chance to test this feature.

As I sat and listened to Microsoft talk about this feature it really made sense to me that this eventually become part of the consumer version of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge as well.

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