Microsoft Surface Phone VS Google Pixel : Which Device Is More Powerful?

#SurfacePhone #GooglePixelMicrosoft Surface Phone VS Google Pixel : Which Device Is More Powerful? : Earlier, it was reported that both Microsoft Corporation and Alphabet Inc. will be launching their respective next generation flagship smartphone devices before the end of the year. As 2016 draws to a close, both tech giants are reportedly on the verge of announcing their highly anticipated smartphone devices which are tipped to challenge the most powerful smartphones available in the market.

The Microsoft Surface Phone and Google Pixel smartphones are rumored to incorporate some of the best specs ever seen on a smartphone. However, this creates a dilemma regarding which smartphone is more powerful. Here is a quick review regarding the upcoming flagship smartphones with a verdict justifying which smartphone offers more to users.

Microsoft Surface Phone: The Redmond-based tech giant would definitely be going all out with its next generation smartphone models, after the spectacular crash and burn of its first generation Windows Lumnia smartphone devices. Top sources have claimed that the upcoming Surface Phone will be launched in three different models, with the high-end version offering a massive 8GB worth of RAM and a jaw dropping internal memory of 500 GB.

Also, the upcoming smartphone device is tipped to sport an upgraded 5.7-inch AMAOLED display which could potentially go toe-to-toe with the best available display screens available in the smartphone world. The device is set for a boost in performance with the incorporation of the latest Windows 10 OS.

Furthermore, the upcoming device is reported to be powered by the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon processing chipset which will surely give the smartphone all the power it needs to take on the most powerful smartphone devices currently available in the market.

Google Pixel Smartphones: Almost every credible site has confirmed that Google is set to replace its current generation of Nexus smartphones with its highly anticipated Pixel devices. Interestingly, both upcoming Google Pixel smartphone models are tipped to resemble each other and share numerous internal specifications which completely goes against the philosophy regarding how the previous generation Nexus smartphones have been built on.

Reliable sources indicate that both Pixel and Pixel XL will be powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processing chipset which will significantly enhance the performance compared to the current generation Nexus smartphone. Also, both upcoming models are set to incorporate larger RAM and internal memory which will represent a significant upgrade compared to the current generation Nexus smartphone devices.

Based on the rumored specifications for the upcoming flagship devices, it is a significant challenge to pick an obvious winner among the two. What we would suggest is that users wait for the official announcement before concluding which device better suits their needs. Hopefully, both tech giants will not keep the smartphone world waiting on their respective upcoming flagship devices. Watch the space! Source: thecountrycaller

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