NASA spots UFO crash site on Mars

#Science #UFO – NASA spots UFO crash site on Mars : Science becoming more advance NASA Pic Captures Alleged UFO Crash Site on Mars.

Space scientists won’t ignore the probability of the existence of aliens on Mars. This has been a very important research topic from long time.

NASA has sent spacecraft several times to Mars to collect evidence of the existence of aliens. Though some missions failed, they did not lose hope.

After continuing efforts, NASA Mars Curiosity Rover has flashed light to their hope recently. NASA claimed that they have stumbled on unidentified flying object.

According to its footage, the flying object is hovering above the International Space Station. Moreover, two other flashing lights near ISS were also found.

Mars Rover was able to collect to these footage’s by close monitoring. Though this is a great achievement, the claim has not been proven yet.

Recently, Streetcar posted a video “Martial Hill Anomaly”. The video clip consists of all the panoramic photos taken by the Mars rover. The video went viral and gained thousands likes very quickly.

Some commentary defined the flying object as a crashed flying saucer. After watching the video, different views came to the limelight, which are not ignoble.

Some people claimed that the object could be landed flying disk. Moreover, others thought that the object was built to get better photos with high clarity.

This is not the first time that NASA claims of UFOs on the basis of photos taken by them. If there are believers, then there necessity be some skeptics who denied to agree with the claim. Skeptics claimed that the video is man-made. In these days video or photos can be edited by the photo editing software. They actually wanted to say that the video and photos are photo-shopped. source:hngn

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