Revealing the iOS 10’s best-kept secrets

#Apple #iOS10Revealing the iOS 10’s best-kept secrets : A lot of people may not know this but the release of iOS 10 has been branded as Apple’s biggest launching ever. Considering that the new update is applicable to the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the software is certainly one of the best things that ever came out for all users and fans so far.

Amidst the impressive list of elements in the operating system, a number of fabulous under-the-radar features are in store for any enthusiast. The iOS 10 makes certain that the experience will be useful.

First, an unlimited number of tabs are now allowed in Safari. It should be noted that this feature will only work in landscape mode due to the space needed to accommodate the tabs button on the top right of the screen.

A new search box will appear on the top left corner the moment the button is tapped. Users must know that searches are based on subjects and not on web domains.

Second, visually-challenged users can use the iPhone as a magnifier. Unclear texts or blurry objects can now be addressed by going to the general settings and selecting magnifier on the accessibility option. The process can be further enhanced with the auto-brightness setting underneath.

Direct activation of this feature can be done by triple-tapping the home button of the gadget. The on-screen slider will allow process of zooming in and out. On the other hand, a freeze frame can be taken by tapping on the shutter button.

Third, messages can now search an image within its realm. An option has been added that will allow users to find photos on the message app or at the App Store.

Fourth, every person’s predicament about memory space or limited data plans can now be solved with the image enhancement option. Picture quality can now be toned down to maximize data usage.

Fifth, updating applications can now be prioritized. On the home screen, hard pressing on a favorite icon will activate the Prioritize Download button. Tapping it will set it up to finish ahead of the others in queue.

Finally, users can now choose a communication method for their contacts. Selecting among call, message, video or mail will lead the app to retain the option so that it will be used to reach a certain contact the next time around. Source: Hngn

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