Tesla Model 3 release date news: Next electric car model with autopilot and supercharging features

#Tesla #ElectricCarTesla Model 3 release date news: Next electric car model with autopilot and supercharging features : Tesla Motors, Inc., the company behind many technological electric car marvels, has just unveiled its next vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. Suffice to say, the car’s main features — including its minor specifications — are looking every bit promising.

According to the official post made by Tesla on its website, the Tesla Model 3, which is scheduled to come out sometime next year, will carry an autopilot hardware, something that is basically similar to a plane’s autopilot system.

Another cool feature that Tesla boasted on its official website post is the Model 3’s fast charging capabilities, which the company calls “supercharging.” Unfortunately, the tech giant did not go into the details of this feature.

Other reports have it, though, that consumers who will buy the Tesla Model 3 will be able to charge the electric car for 50 percent of its battery life in just under 20 minutes. It does come with a price, though. Word has it that people who want to have the supercharging feature will have to upgrade the vehicle for $2,500.

As for the supercharger’s travel range, Nasdaq reported that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk — advised everyone during the unveiling of the car in March — that the mentioned driving capacity of 215 miles per charge is only the minimum. This could be good news for fans of electric cars as this feature may still get an increase once the vehicle is officially released.

For those who are excited, meanwhile, Trusted Review reports that the production of the Model 3 is set to begin in July 2017. Fans that are eager to get their hands on the new electric vehicle can now place their reservation on the official Tesla website for $1,000. More news about the Tesla Model 3 should emerge in the coming months prior to its official rollout. Source: mnrdaily

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