UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Object Sparks Fear In Swindon, United Kingdom [Video]

#UFO #Science – UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Object Sparks Fear In Swindon, United Kingdom [Video] – The majority of UFO news have been debunked as nothing more than top secret government test flights of new technology. The United States in particular seemed to have taken an interest in using other countries as testing grounds for new aircraft, manned or otherwise.

It appears this was not the case after a mysterious flying object spotted over Swindon, England. The object was captured on camera as it struck fear to dozens of residents who were lucky, or unlucky enough to observe it.

According to the Swindon Adviser, the mysterious object incited more confirmedsightings and speculation over what it is. Graham Woodward, a former BT engineer described it as “three brilliantly white lights in the shape of a triangle with a red light in the centre.”

The 62-year-old was convinced that it was not a drone or an aircraft of military or commercial origin. He and his son also revealed that they were not able to hear the sound of engines.

UFO News: Mysterious Object Strike Fear To Residents Of Swindon, England

Woodward also added that it certainly was unlike any flying object that he has ever witnessed before. The object only hovered for around three minutes before it veered to the left and vanished.

The United Kingdom has been the hotbed of UFO news and UFO sightings over the recent months. With a number of military bases located on the British Isles, it’s not surprising some of the aircraft are mistaken as extraterrestrial crafts.

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