UFO sightings: Three flashbacks of alien encounters in Lowcountry

#UFO #Science – UFO sightings: Three flashbacks of alien encounters in Lowcountry : UFO enthusiasts will find a lot of like-minded alien nuts at Lowcountry, a Charleston area that has recorded a number of alien sightings. Digging into the archives, you can even list them, according to experts.

The earliest recorded UFO sighting seems to have been in 1973, Sept. 30. There were 10 excited calls to the police as well as The News and Courier on that day, 43 years ago.

The unfamiliar object seemed to be as big as a star and was visible to the naked eye. However, the City Fire Department members were focusing a telescope on it.

It began to shine high in the sky, and then it moved northward. It was bright, with red and green lights around it. Later, in a 1986 article published in the Feb. 2, 1986, edition, a witness confirmed having seen it. But “the reporter didn’t say whether he thought spacemen were inside,” the 1986 article said.

Secondly, in the May 31, 1978 edition of the Charleston News and Courier, an article written by a North Charleston mechanic called William J. Hermann talked about UFOs and sent a picture of a strange alien too. In the following year, he told the daily that he had been kidnapped twice by aliens between October 1977 and March 1978.

“Their skin was the color of a marshmallow. Their eyes were long and dark with a brown iris. Their heads looked like overgrown human fetuses with no ears or hair. I heard a voice telling me to have no fear…” Hermann said.

However, Herman did not remember the first incident till the ETs sent an odd metal bar inscribed with the word “MAN” to him. That made Herman recall the March 1978 abduction.

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