Android Circuit: New Galaxy S8 Leaks, Goodbye BlackBerry, Samsung’s Never Ending Note 7 Nightmare

#AndroidCircuit #GalaxyS8Android Circuit: New Galaxy S8 Leaks, Goodbye BlackBerry, Samsung’s Never Ending Note 7 Nightmare : Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes the upcoming ‘death’ of the Note 7, details of Samsung’s phablet going back on sale.

The VR future of the Galaxy S8, some predictions for Google’s big event on October 4th, O2′s UK exclusive deal with OnePlus, BlackBerry leaving the hardware game, why Android users are quicker to upgrade handsets, some tips on using Google’s Allo app, and Samsung Pay celebrating its first birthday.

Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened around Android in the last week (and you can find the weekly Apple news digest here).

The Upcoming Lingering Death Of The Galaxy Note 7

No matter the critical acclaim, no matter the feature list, no matter the hunger from the geekerati, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is a busted flush. That’s the argument from Forbes’ Jay McGregor as he looks over the nightmare of the Note 7 battery issues and the impact on the phablet:

Samsung’s insistence that “the battery cell issue applies only to the Galaxy Note 7 devices sold in the U.S. before September 15, 2016” is almost entirely irrelevant. A giant recall has happened – or, in other words Samsung has confirmed there’s a problem – and therefore all Note 7’s whether they’re ‘safe’ or not – in the public’s mind – are faulty.

For its part, Samsung told me it is ” fully confident” that the battery cell issue is “ not present in our new Note 7 devices”. And that the company has ”worked around the clock with our supplier partners to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and quality assurance processes are in place”.

But let’s be honest: the Note 7 is finished. No amount of reassurance will change the likelihood that future customers will be put off from buying it because of constant reported problems, and future second-hand buyers won’t want to risk it.

When Will The Note 7 Be Back On Sale?

In the short term, Samsung needs to get the Galaxy Note 7 on sale as quickly as possible. That looks to be happening next week in the home territory of South Korea, but it may take longer in other parts of the world. Part of the challenge is that the marketing of the Note 7 as ‘safe’ is going to dilute the marketing of ‘please exchange your older potentially faulty device.’

The company believes that the return rate of existing smartphones will drop sharply if the handset is put back on sale alongside a marketing campaign to say that the handset is now safe. The situation looks to be even bleaker in Europe. Chief Marketing Officer David Lowes has told the site that “we fully expect [the Galaxy Note 7] to be available everywhere by the end of November.”

No specific date for the resumption of sales he’s been given beyond “before the end of the fourth quarter.” I suspect that as Samsung gains more control of the situation the old maxims of ‘under promise and over deliver’ are kicking in. More thoughts here on Forbes. Thankfully the next Samsung smartphone is just around the corner…

The VR Future Of The Galaxy S8

More details of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are coming out, and this week I looked at the implications of the 4K resolution screen and the increased horsepower in the proposed graphics chip. Given Samsung’s long-running love affair with virtual reality, the Galaxy S8 could be focusing on the next generation of VR to be its secret weapon when it is revealed in Q1 2017:

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