Another iPhone 7 Explodes, Buyers Worried It Could Be a Widespread Issue

#iPhone7 #Explodes – Another iPhone 7 Explodes, Buyers Worried It Could Be a Widespread Issue : An iPhone 7 Plus allegedly exploded in the box and still got delivered to the buyer, and now a new report coming from China seems to be pointing to another iPhone with a faulty battery.

As it’s the case of everything Apple, details are super sketchy, so it’s hard to say once again what exactly happened with the iPhone that it ended up looking like this.

The photos published by MyDrivers, however, clearly show an iPhone 7 with a faulty battery, but at first glance, it looks like the device didn’t actually catch fire, but suffered from a different problem. Most likely, the battery inflated due to external factors, such as a drop or heat, pushing out the screen despite all the glue that Apple has used for waterproofing.

Apple completely tight-lipped

And just like it was the case with the first iPhone 7 that exploded, Apple hasn’t yet provided a statement or at least a confirmation that it’s investigating the faulty device, but the company is definitely looking into reports, as more buyers are now worried that it could be a widespread issue.

Earlier this month, Samsung started a global recall of the Note 7 after it discovered that some units shipped with a faulty battery which could catch fire during charging, so every time someone discovers a device that overheats, it quickly makes the headlines no matter if it’s a malfunctioning product or not.

For the moment, however, it’s hard to say if the iPhone 7 is affected by a widespread problem or not, but it’s very clear that no matter the brand, it’s always a good idea to always keep an eye on the device, especially when charging.

Inflating batteries aren’t quite a new thing for Apple, as similar problems were experienced in the past with older iPhone models that developed small bulges on certain parts of the screen because of the battery slightly inflating due to unknown reasons.

We can’t tell for sure if the iPhone 7 is suffering from the same problem as it predecessors, but we should learn more about this in the coming weeks as more cases are likely to emerge if it’s a widespread issue.source:softpedia

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