DJI Mavic Pro Drone vs. GoPro Karma Drone [Comparison]

#DJIMavicPro #GoProKarma – DJI Mavic Pro Drone vs. GoPro Karma Drone [Comparison] : Just over a week ago, the world was introduced to the super-hyped make-or-break GoPro Karma drone. However, now there’s competition from the DJI Mavic Pro, so how do these similar drones compare? In this article, I’ll take a look at what matters in a bid to determine which comes out on top.

DJI Mavic Pro drone vs. GoPro Karma drone: weight and size

If you look at the images of the GoPro Karma and the DJI Pro Mavic side by side, it’s clear that they have incredibly similar designs. However, the similarities end with size and weight.

The Mavic Pro weighs a svelte 734 grams (1.62 lbs); in comparison, the Karma is quite hefty at 1006 grams (2.2 lbs). Both drones fold so that they can be easily stored and transported; however, the Mavic Pro has an advantage here too. While the arms of the Karma fold inwards, the Mavic’s do too, but so do its propellers. This gives the Mavic a little extra regarding compactness and portability.

When folded, the Mavic Pro is 83x83x198mm, while the Karma measures 89.9×224.3×356.2mm when folded.

So as you can clearly see, the Mavic Pro is both lighter and smaller than the GoPro Karma. In fact, the Mavic is so small that it could fit in your trouser pocket if you’re brave enough to try. The Karma’s huge frame (by comparison) needs a backpack to transport it.

Speed, flight time and distance

While GoPro is new to the drone market, the Chinese firm DJI is currently the market leader, so GoPro needed to pull out all the stops to compete. However, it looks as though this is another area in which the Mavic beats the GoPro.

The DJI Mavic has a top speed of 40mph, while the GoPro is slightly slower at 35mph. The all-important flight time of a drone is determined by the battery installed. On the Karma, you get a 20-minute lifespan, and the DJI has a 27-minute battery life. So again, the smaller drone wins.

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