Here’s How Resizable Windows Will Work on Windows Phones with Continuum

#Microsoft #Redstone2 – Here’s How Resizable Windows Will Work on Windows Phones with Continuum : The upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 2 update due in the spring will bring many improvements to Windows phones despite Microsoft slowly stepping away from the consumer market, and some of them will be aimed at Continuum.

Since Microsoft is aiming to make Windows phones more appropriate for businesses, Continuum has become a priority for the company, so Redstone 2 will bring several changes in this regard, including resizable windows on the screen.

Right now, windows are displayed in full screen, just like in tablet mode in Windows 10, but with the arrival of Redstone 2, that’s going to be changed.

And as you can see in this video, resizable windows will finally make their ways to phones connected to a larger screen with Continuum, which makes it possible to work on a smartphone more like on a desktop. There will also be options to pin specific apps to the taskbar, but also new settings to personalize the Start menu independently from Start on the phone.

These changes perfectly align with Microsoft’s intention to invest more in the business sector, especially because Continuum was designed from the very beginning as a feature destined for the enterprise.

Redstone 2 is projected to launch in the spring of next year, but insiders should start receiving access to early versions of these features in the coming builds of Windows 10 Mobile. Source: softpedia

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