Microsoft Accidentally Publishes Lumia End of Support Notification on US Website

#Microsoft #Lumia – Microsoft Accidentally Publishes Lumia End of Support Notification on US Website : Microsoft is expected to discontinue the Lumia brand later this year, but while the company remains tight-lipped on this and avoids offering a confirmation, it drops new hints every once in a while suggesting that this is indeed the plan.

This time, a notification that was posted on Microsoft’s device registration website informed users that “Lumia phones are not supported in Canada, United States, and Australia.”

And while this warning has already been removed, it’s not exactly clear why it showed up on the website, with Microsoft itself claiming it was just an accident and it was supposed to indicate some special warranty information.

Warning aimed at users looking for repair info

In a statement for MSPU, Microsoft says that the message was meant to show up in the case of users who were looking for instructions on how to get their phones repaired.

“That phrase actually pertains if you want to have your phone a repair. For US, Canada and Australia there is different website where you can ask a repair that’s what the statement on the website trying to tell to the customer,” the firm explains.

And, of course, this warning clearly shows up at the wrong time, as there are users who believe that Microsoft is preparing to pull the plug on the Lumia brand and this is one of the messages that will be displayed to visitors looking for Lumia information after end of support is announced.

If this is the case, the message could actually hint that Microsoft is planning to discontinue the Lumia brand only in some specific markets, including the United States and Canada, while keeping it alive in other countries. For the moment, however, this is just speculation and it’s better to take this just like Microsoft puts it: an accident that led to a notification being posted on the wrong page. Sure. source:softpedia

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