Microsoft announces exciting new features in next major Windows 10 update

#Microsoft #Windows10Microsoft announces exciting new features in next major Windows 10 update : While Microsoft has only recently rolled out its blockbuster Anniversary Update for Windows 10, the tech giant has just lifted the lid on what to expect in the next bumper update due next year.

Earlier this week, the Redmond firm gave an insight into some of the big changes coming to its cross platform operating system in Q2 of next year, including yet more changes to the Start Menu, as well as the introduction of a new Night Mode for mobile users. The biggest overhaul is coming to the Start Menu, which will become fully customisable on both desktop and mobile.

The new Continuum Start Menu that was updated in the Anniversary Update allows you to mirror whatever is on your main PC across multiple devices. However, the update next year will also make it easier to set up independent profiles on your PC, Windows phone or tablet.

The update will also see the introduction of the long awaited Night Mode to Windows Phone and Surface devices. The feature is expected to work in a similar way to the night mode currently found on iPhones.

The Night Mode on Windows 10 will allow you to change the colours on your display to the warmer end of the spectrum depending on if you are using your device in the day or night.

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