Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs news: 2017 release expected

#SurfaceBook2 #Microsoft – Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs news: 2017 release expected : Rumors speculating the release of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 are spreading like wildfire and most of these rumors state that it may be released on an earlier date than expected in order to square off with the latest MacBook Pro, which is scheduled to be unveiled at the end of 2016.

However, the product might not be released in the market this year due to its late reveal. Instead, the Surface Book 2 might be available to the public during the first quarter of 2017.

According to a report, the Surface Book 2 specs and features may be disclosed next month along with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 and a surprisingly new Microsoft Surface Phone.

Regarding the late unveiling and release of Microsoft’s new products, a report claims that Microsoft’s upcoming laptop is expected to be fitted with the Intel Kaby Lake, Intel’s newest generation processor. Intel’s latest processor was announced to have its release at the end of the year.

With rumors saying that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is supposed to be integrated with Intel’s Kaby Lake, Microsoft will need to push back its plans in order to coincide with the release of the newest chips from Intel.

Intel’s Kaby Lake generation processor is said to be a faster and more power-efficient version of the Skylake chip, Intel’s latest generation processor. If the rumors prove to be true, then Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 will definitely prove to be a powerhouse.

The newest products of Microsoft are also more likely to be released in spring of 2017, and to come with Redstone 2, the major update of Windows 10 OS, according to another report.

Despite the numerous speculations and high expectations of their users, Microsoft has not confirmed any of the rumors. Furthermore, no official information regarding the development, features, design and status of their upcoming products have been revealed. Source: mnrdaily

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