No Xbox One Scorpio Exclusive Titles are Coming, Platform Chief Says

#Gaming #XboxOneScorpioNo Xbox One Scorpio Exclusive Titles are Coming, Platform Chief Says : First, there was the standard Microsoft console, the Xbox One. Then Microsoft decided an upgrade and released the Xbox One S just recently. But anticipation is going high for the new Xbox Scorpio, which will have its arrival by winter next year. But for gamers who are curious to know if Microsoft is working on exclusive games for the Scorpio, then the answer is a definite negative.

Scorpio will not have any exclusive titles

Last Sept. 28, Windows Central interviewed Xbox Platform chief, Mike Ybarra to see the potential of the Scorpio. Ybarra pointed out that “there will be no Scorpio exclusive games.” He emphasized that all Xbox One titles will be compatible with the new Scorpio just like what they have announced during the E3 2016.

When asked about developers authoring content, Ybarra added that he expects them to take advantage of high performance PCs, create more flexibility in different platforms and get the largest audience of gamers that they can target as much as possible. He further stated, “we want to make Windows the best development platform regardless of the technologies used.” What he meant was that developers should aim to target the full breadth of devices using Windows 10.

Targeting multiple performance configurations for developers

Another cause for concern was the intensive level of some gameplays. It can be difficult to manage different consoles if the frame rate gains and resolutions would be considered. Ybarra cleared it up by saying that experienced game developers known that multiple performance configurations can be targeted. The simple answer is to scale the content depending on the available spec range of the systems.

Project Scorpio is the Xbox One’s upgrade with a 6 teraflop capability.By using their Windows store apps and the much awaited opening of the UWP platform, the new Microsoft console allows developers to bring 4k gaming into televisions for the first time. Source: itechpost

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