‘Be prepared to die’: Elon Musk tells first Mars colonists

#Mars #ElonMusk‘Be prepared to die’: Elon Musk tells first Mars colonists : SpaceX plan agenda is to zoom off into space, according to Elon Musk Tuesday. He said that he was aiming to colonize Mars by 2022. Hence, he will  make 100 people get into a spaceship and then send it off to the Red Planet. The long-term plan is to set up a permanent settlement in Mars.

“I think the first journeys to Mars are going to be really very dangerous. The risk of fatality will be high; there’s just no way around it,” Musk said at International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico. “It would be, basically, ‘Are you prepared to die?’ If that’s OK, then, you know, you’re a candidate for going,” he said.

But other experts are not as blasé about the plan as he is. Space agencies have taken care to protect other planets from the Earth’s germs. There is a NASA department called the Office of Planetary Protection, which is dedicated to that activity.

In the next century, Musk hopes to transport 1 million people to Mars, with the help of the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS). This is a rocket-spaceship that Musk disclosed Tuesday (Sept. 27) at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico.

NASA scientists have always been cleaning up the spacecraft, wearing white plastic suits. The aim is to ensure that any alien life found in different planets is really alien, not just a hitchhiker’s landing spot. When asked about alien life in Mars, though, Elon Musk declared that he was not worried about it at all.

“There’s really nothing on the surface of Mars, I think,” the SpaceX CEO said during a press call Tuesday evening. “There may be subterranean, chemotrophic bacteria. I would expect they’re pretty hardy, and there’s not much that we could do to kick them out even if we wanted to.”

Earthlings are too germ-infested, according to many specialists. Emily Lakdawalla said in The Planetary Society: “If we keep our filthy meatbag bodies in space and tele-operate sterile robots on the surface.

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