SportsBarVR is PS4 VR’s Launch Title: Why You Should Try It Out

#PS4VR #SportsBarVRSportsBarVR is PS4 VR’s Launch Title: Why You Should Try It Out : When the PS4 VR launches in October, it will bring along with it SportsBarVR as its primary game feature during launching. The game features a virtual sports bar that allow six players to hang out with each other and play all sorts of games.

Games include pool, checkers, chess, darts, air hockey, skeeball and shuffleboards. Interestingly, there’s also booze that players can virtually consume to make the VR experience more interesting. However, it’s unknown whether the SportsBarVR booze will affect the player’s gaming stats and scores or not.

About SportsBarVR

Need to let out your frustrations? You can literally play baseball in the SportsBarVR using your pool stick to hit empty bottles inside the bar. Bottles will get shattered on the floor, adding a more authentic feel to the game.

Matthew Kaplan, creative director of the game, said “One thing we keep finding again and again is how entirely wonderful it is just to be able to hang out in a virtual bar doing ‘real things. And since the virtual drinks are free and the janitor seems to not mind cleaning up countless shards of broken glass, it’s all good fun.”

Players in the SportsBarVR game will be represented by floating helmets or a beer hat or a viking helmet. The game is co-developed by Cherry Pop Games and Perilous Orbit, the same team behind the game Pool Nation VR. The developer of the game also talked about the adventures of creating the game.

Apparently, different players were able to put their inputs on the game that largely lead to the few chosen games in the SportsBarVR. During the development, the team can’t help but feel amazed by how players are so engrossed with the game, heckling and shouting. Heated matches were very much part of the game.

Just like when you go to a real Sports Bar, without the sticky spill of booze. Take note that all six players must have PS4 VR to join the game. However, Kaplan also revealed they also have a single player AI. Source: Thebitbag

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