Surface Pro 5 Specs, Price, Features, Release Date: What We Know So Far

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Surface Pro 5 Specs, Price, Features, Release Date: What We Know So Far : Two sets of rumors are going around. One of them says Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 will be introduced in 2017, while the other set points to an October 2016 release. Several other reports say Microsoft might introduce or at least acknowledge the existence of such a device in October. However, it will hit the store shelves sometime early 2017.

Along with the Surface Pro 5, the Surface Book 2 is also expected to make a debut. However, the Book lineup did not receive the same reception as the Pro variant in the past. Let us hope, the well-built, better-equipped Book lineup gets its due this time around.


Microsoft has been rumored to have housed 4K screen resolution in the Surface Pro 5, according to a latest report from TNH Online. Under the hood, the Intel Kaby Lake processor is expected to power this tablet. Kaby Lake is Intel’s seventh-generation processor manufactured using the existing 14nm process with some design changes onboard.

According to WccfTech, the Kaby Lake will not bring incremental improvements to the processor performance. But then, it will be compatible with the existing platforms. To top it off, it apparently supports the next-generation 200-series platform.

The point to be noted however is that the Kaby Lake chipsets will not be available for OEMs until the end of 2016. Therefore, the mass shipment will happen sometime in the last few months of this year. This is precisely why we are inclined to believe the postponement of Surface Pro 5 release to 2017.

The same Kaby Lake chipset will be powering the MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 as well. Apart from the processor, the upcoming Surface devices are expected to run Windows 10 Redstone 2 out of the box.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro 5’s stylus “Surface Pen” will apparently see a lot of improvements when compared to the current-generation device. The Pen is expected to come bundled with wireless charging mechanism onboard. This can be achieved by magnetically attaching the gadget to the device’s surface.

Other than the standard connectivity options, rumor has it that a Type-C USB port will also make a debut. The rumored Surface Pro 5 price will be in the range of $899 and $1,599, depending on the configuration choice. Source: Thebitbag

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