UFO sighting: CCTV in Bolton captures not burglar, but bright object flying over roofs

#UFO #Bolton – UFO sighting: CCTV in Bolton captures not burglar, but bright object flying over roofs : Diane Veard fixed a security camera in her apartment to catch burglars. But she caught an unusual light, instead.

One family in Bolton installed a CCTV to capture the culprit behind a series of burglaries in the neighbourhood. However, the family members were shocked to find that they had captured something beyond that – out of this world, in fact.

At first, they spotted what looked like a potential intruder with a torch outside. However, they soon found, to their amazement, that from 11.20 pm on August 15, there were some unknown causes on the camera. A bright, white light streaked across the sky. It was visible through some gap between two houses across the street.

Then suddenly, the light turned and shot in a different direction at high speed.

“We’ve had the camera a few months. We were actually looking for a thief. There has been a lot of robberies,” said Diane, 48. “We didn’t know what triggered the light the second time. It couldn’t have been our cat, Alfie, as he was in the cattery while we were on holiday. But because we’d seen this intruder earlier, we kept watching the video.”

“We were thinking that someone might appear, but there was nothing. Then we saw the light in the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The light has a tail following it, so I thought it could be a meteor. But a meteor doesn’t turn around in the sky and set off in the other direction. It was going at some speed.”

When he saw the video from a hotel room in Ixia, Rhodes, Michael Smith, her partner, dropped just an idle joke – that it must be a ‘flying saucer’.

The shot caught everyone offguard, including Diane as well as her three children – Olivia, 17, Alexandria, 14 and Honor, 13.

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