UFO Sightings 2016: ‘Disc-Shaped’ UFO Caught on Cam

#UFO #Alien – UFO Sightings 2016: ‘Disc-Shaped’ UFO Caught on Cam : The  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has apparently captured a disc-shaped unidentified object (UFO) entering our planet’s atmosphere, alien hunters claim. The footage of the object, which is widely believed to be of alien origin, has been uploaded on YouTube by UFO Sightings.

Alien enthusiasts claim that the huge UFO drifts by the camera. Despite the supposedly clear evidence for the sighting, many have doubt that the object is  of alien origin.

Like any conspiracy theory regarding aliens, no expert has commented on this sighting yet. But this could have been simply ignored by the space agency as NASA has been involved in recent UFO sightings.

Earlier this month, alien hunters have spotted two or three unidentified objects during a live broadcast of astronauts working on the International Space Station. They believe the objects are of alien origin. The video was taken by a Russian astronaut using a GoPro while outside the space station. Two other astronauts were with him.

Many claim that the Russian astronaut was shocked when he saw the UFOs. The video has been uploaded on YouTube by Scott C Waring, the editor of Next, an alien base is apparently hiding under the surface of the moon. Alien hunters are adamant that they spotted the base on the lunar crater called Tycho, which is one of moon’s most prominent craters.

Mark Sawalha, a UFO hunter, insists that the images taken by the space agency reveals the antenna of the alien base’s roof. The base is now abandoned but it used to be powered by the minerals of the moon.

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However, Sawalha believes that NASA knows that this abandoned space agency exists, scientists are just hesitant to admit it to the public. This could explain why NASA has not launched any manned mission to the moon for decades. Source: australianetworknews

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