Woodbury Woman Told Police She Was Abducted By Aliens

#Aliens #UFO – Woodbury Woman Told Police She Was Abducted By Aliens : Police have received reports that a Woodbury resident is being abducted by aliens.

According to the Woodbury Bulletin, a 66-year-old woman called Woodbury Public Safety at 4:07 p.m. Sept. 1 to report someone breaking into her residence on Parkwood Drive.

When police investigated, they found that nothing was missing or damaged, and there was no evidence of forced entry. The woman eventually identified herself as the president of a UFO society in Wisconsin, and told police she is frequently abducted by aliens.

Now, she says, humans are drugging and abducting her to find out what the aliens want. The woman also told police that in August, a man and a woman drugged her, abducted her and returned her to her bed. Previously, she was

drugged and lying on the floor when a female came and crouched next to her, she said. The woman asked police how they would handle the situation. Police suggested improving security on her sliding glass door. Source: patch

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