10 Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps Can Kill Mobile Apps

#Mobile #App10 Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps Can Kill Mobile Apps : Ever since Nokia released their first phones with the now iconic game Snake, people have been wanting more and more. These days we are spoiled for choice, and with more than 2 million apps submitted to both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, there is no shortage for games and other applications to download and use on your smartphone.

However, data has shown that more than 50% of all smartphone users download 0 apps per month on average, leaving a huge market segment open for new and improved options. Whether it’s because the market is oversaturated because of the vast number of applications, or whether it’s because the interest is fading is up for debate and further analysis.

One thing is certain though, reaching those users who doesn’t download apps regularly could become one of the holy grails of marketers, app developers and businesses in the coming years.

Enter the Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps are a mix between a traditional website and a conventional mobile application. Leveraging the best aspects of both existing technologies, PWA’s offer businesses the opportunity to capitalize on their existing website traffic, by allowing users to install a progressive app on their smartphones.

This type of app does not need to be submitted through app stores however, meaning that the bar of entry is somewhat lower, as long as the basic requirements are met that is.

What can they do?

Progressive apps can do almost anything a traditional website can, and most of the things mobile applications offer. This includes indexing for search engines, it also allows for Push Notifications, Camera, Microphone and access to other common hardware functions, as well as both online and offline browsing.

So why are they potentially taking over mobile apps?

  1. Best performance
  2. Secure
  3. Offline mode
  4. Add to Home Screen
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Better Retention Rates
  7. Looks like an app – functions like a website
  8. No App store waiting times
  9. Indexable by search engines
  10. Fast updates and bug fixes

Lets walk through these 10 key points one by one.

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