Google G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365: Which Productivity Tools Are Right For You?

#Office365 #GSuiteGoogle G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365: Which Productivity Tools Are Right For You? : Technology never tried so hard to solve our everyday office issues as hard as it does now. From word documents, to presentations and spreadsheets, every day at work has a quick solution.

Spreadsheets: For Beginners To Pros

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used Office applications, and much of its usefulness comes from the formulas for calculating different data in order to create relevant reports. For those who have been using Excel since the Mesozoic computer times, formulas come naturally, as people are creatures of habit.

The problem is with the most recent users of spreadsheets – the ones trying to learn the ancient language of Excel formulas. And G Suite thought of them before anyone else.

In order to make this task easier, the Google spreadsheets can employ formulas typed in natural language in an answer box on the top right corner of the sheet.

This magic potentially solves all the calculations, so no need to remember those endless formulas, while making sure brackets are not missed at all.

Working somewhat in the opposite direction, Office 365 tries to align its software to the generic public, while also improving the formulas for the Excel aficionados.

As a power user, one can always create a perfect nested formula for the most specific reports. Earlier this year, Office announced six more Excel functions that received exceptional feedback from the niche. However, as the times require adapting, the program also improved the main functions to make it more intuitive for the generic audience.

Exploring Word Documents

G Suite thinks of constant ways of improving their usability and user experience, there’s no secret here. Anything coming from Google has the same purpose of improved, high end experience.

That’s why, constantly addressing a larger audience, Google Docs now has an Explore function, which works like an embedded search in the document, suggesting related topics or images and even pointing to other Docs in your drive. The feature is not only welcome, but it also helps create a better connection across platforms.

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