GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero5 Session: What’s the difference?

#Camera #GoProHero5GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero5 Session: What’s the difference? : GoPro announced the Hero5 Black action camera, Hero5 Session and the Karma drone in September 2016. Both the new action cameras are compatible with the drone and both offer some exciting features and good advancements over their predecessors.

How do they compare to each other though and which one is right for you? Here are the differences and similarities between the GoPro Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session.


  • Hero5 Black has a touchscreen for easier control
  • Both offer one-button recording
  • Hero5 Session is smaller and more subtle

The GoPro Hero5 Black is the larger of the two action cameras being compared here. The camera lens is positioned next to a small monochrome LCD display on the front, while a two-inch built-in touchscreen display sits on the rear, offering easy control of settings, such as resolution and field of view (FOV).

The removable battery and microSD card slot are hidden in the bottom, while the USB type-C port and micro HDMI port are hidden behind a flap on the right. The large recording button sits on the top.

The GoPro Hero5 Session is smaller and more subtle than the Hero5 Black, perhaps making it more appealing to those who want to mount it on a helmet or elsewhere on themselves. It has a built-in battery and the USB Type-C port and microSD slot can be found on the right behind a flap.

A very small monochrome display is positioned on the top of the Session behind the large recording button, while a small button on the rear offers access to settings, which consequently appear on the screen.

To change settings on the Session without the app, users need to use the small button and the recording button to skip and select various options. It’s a little more fiddly than just tapping a touchscreen but you get used to it.


  • Both offer up to 4K video capture
  • Both have SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow and Linear FOVs
  • Hero5 Black capable of higher frame rates at some resolutions

Both the GoPro Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session are capable of capturing up to 4K video at 30 frames per second (fps). They also both offer 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p, 960p and 720p resolutions, while the Hero5 Black is also capable of 480p.

The Hero5 Black offers higher frame rates than the Hero5 Sessions in most resolutions other than 4K and 2.7K at 4:3 ratio however. The Hero5 Black is capable of 2.7K at up to 60fps, 1440p at up to 80fps, 1080p at up to 120fps, 960 at up to 120fps and 720 at up to 240fps. The Hero5 Session is capable of 2.7K at up to 48fps, 1440p at up to 60fps, 1080p at up to 90fps, 960p at up to 100fps and 720p at up to 120fps.

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