iPhone is Disabled, Connect to iTunes: How to Fix it Easily

#iTunes #iPhoneiPhone is Disabled, Connect to iTunes: How to Fix it Easily : Finding yourself in a situation where you see “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes“? Many users have become frustrated with this issue. Not knowing why the iPhone gets disabled makes the situation even worse. We have come across this issue too and have been frustrated.

Which explains why we are putting up this know-how post on unlocking a disabled iPhone. You must be wondering how in the world did my iPhone get disabled even though I remember my passcode perfectly well? Well, turns out forgetting your passcode is not the only reason your iPhone gets disabled.

My iPhone is disabled. But WHY?

Most common reasons why your iPhone could become disabled – Snoopers: Family members/friends who try to figure out your iPhone passcode but aren’t aware that there are, in fact, a limited number of attempts to guess the passcode.

Bubbly cheerful visitors: iPhones and kids go together. Kids try all sorts of things with the iPhone and before you could get your hands on the iPhone, it’s already disabled.

iPhone is disabled: The fix is here

First or second incorrect passcode attempt does NOT disable an iPhone. The different number of incorrect attempts lead to iPhones getting disabled for a specific period of time – all the way from 1 minute to 1 hour.

  1. You’re lucky if you only got 1-5 incorrect passcode attempts. No Problem. iPhone isn’t disabled.
  2. Disabled for 1 minute after 6 incorrect attempts
  3. Disabled for 5 minutes after 7 incorrect attempts
  4. Disabled for 15 minutes after 8 incorrect attempts
  5. Disabled for 60 minutes after 9 incorrect attempts

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