Microsoft Gives Up on Another Windows Phone App

#Microsoft #WindowsPhone – Microsoft Gives Up on Another Windows Phone App : It’s bad news day for the Windows Phone community because only a few minutes after eBay announced that it’s pulling its app from the Windows Store, Microsoft itself also revealed that Lumia Highlights app would no longer receive new content.

Lumia Highlights was an app developed to help Lumia users make the most out of their smartphones and a major update was actually launched earlier this year, but now Microsoft appears to be changing the focus and planning to get rid of the app.

Bye-bye, Lumia Highlights!

In a notification submitted to users, Microsoft informs Windows Phone users that the Lumia Highlights would no longer be updated with fresh content, recommending them to switch to other channels in order to receive articles, news, help, and tips on Lumia.

“After today, you will no longer see any new articles on this app. But it’s not a goodbye because there are still other ways to keep in touch. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future,” the notification reads.

There’s absolutely no information on why exactly Microsoft took this decision, but we can’t help but make a connection with recent news pointing to the end of the Lumia brand.

Sources with knowledge of the matter said Microsoft planned to discontinue the Lumia series in December and this decision to pull the plug on a Lumia app certainly fuels speculation in this regard.

If these rumors are true, then Microsoft might be planning to focus exclusively on Windows 10 Mobile and the Surface Phone, the company’s eagerly-anticipated device that’s expected to launch next year.

The problem is that nobody can tell for sure if the Surface Phone exists or not, as Microsoft keeps pretty much everything secret for the time being, and the only statement it released confirm the firm’s commitment to Windows 10 Mobile and nothing more.source:softpedia

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