Microsoft Still Sort of Silent on Surface Phone: Latest Leaks and Rumors

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Still Sort of Silent on Surface Phone: Latest Leaks and Rumors : Many reports about Microsoft Corporation launching a completely new smartphone, dubbed the Surface Phone, have been surfacing online lately. The Surface Phone is rumored to come in three variants and will feature a unique fingerprint sensor.

The Redmond-based tech firm is still quiet about the new the Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone but a tweet from Microsoft Australia and registration of by Microsoft gives us an evidence to believe that the tech giant is working a completely new smartphone.

The new Windows phone is expected to challenge the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the smartphone industry and will replace the company’s Lumia smartphone lineup. The Surface Phone will be the most secure and productivity-focused phone and could attract business and corporate customers, according to the reports.

The Surface Phone is likely to be released during the first half of 2017. The device will cost between $699- $1,100. Rumors suggest that the smartphone will come with a big screen and will feature a Snapdragon 830 CPU. Microsoft hasn’t made any announcement regarding the much talked about smartphone.

But there have been numerous rumors surrounding the phone. We have been working to cover and report rumors only from reliable sources. Here is everything you need to know about the Surface Phone.

Fingerprint Sensor On Display and Biometric Security

Microsoft Corporation will release the Microsoft with a unique fingerprint sensor. According to a patent filed by the company with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the company plans to integrate the fingerprint sensor on the phone’s display.

Tech lovers are excited to see a fingerprint sensor on the display because today most smartphones have fingerprint sensors on the home button or the rear of the handset. The patent shows that that a user would key in a fingerprint onto the phone’s display and the sensor would scan the unique ridges of the user’s unique fingerprint. The company would use a filter and a wave guide underneath the display’s glass.

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