OMG! 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Left Behind By Aliens Dug Up In Austria

#Aliens #Nokia – OMG! 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Left Behind By Aliens Dug Up In Austria : Paranormal Crucible posted a video showing an 800-year-old artifact that resembles a modern-day mobile phone. The artifact was unearthed by archeologists at Fuschl am See, a municipality located in the Salzburg-Umgebung district in Austria.

The artifact bears strikingly similar features to a modern mobile phone. It has a set of control keys, a screen, and 12 keys bearing Cuneiform symbols. The Cuneiform was first utilized by the Sumerians, an ancient civilization that lived in Babylonia, which is now part of modern-day Iraq.

“…an advanced extra-terrestrial species visited earth in the distant past. If this is true, then its possible artefacts like this were copied directly from extra-terrestrial technology,” said YouTuber Paranormal Crubicle in the video.

Could it be an actual archeological find or a mere hoax?, another conspiracy website, listed a few items that “didn’t add up” in this latest alien conspiracy theory, more notably, how a Middle Eastern artifact ended up being unearthed in Europe.

“Mysteriously, we were not able to find any more information about the ‘ancient mobile phone,’” wrote the folks from who highlighted the limited online information about the ancient mobile phone.

No information has been disclosed about the archeologists who discovered it, leaving many people to think the artifact is a hoax using an old Nokia phone.

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