The Surface Pro 5 Will Most Likely Not Be Released In 2016 Like The MacBook Pro

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Surface Pro 5: 5 Signs Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Successor Doesn’t Have A 2016 Release Date : Surface Pro 5 murmurs are starting to amp up as 2016 comes to a close, but it appears Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 successor will not  have a release date in this calendar year. Below, we’ll recap five signs that point towards a soft delay.

1) Microsoft Still Isn’t Talking: It’s now October, and Microsoft hasn’t said as much as a peep about any sort of event or showcase in the near future. For reference’s sake, the Surface Pro 4 reveal was teased in mid-September last year. At this point we’ve passed the barrier where it may be a bit difficult to market and release a new sku this close to the holiday season.

The Surface Pro 5 does have the advantage of familiarity, but, at some point it gets too late to be viable. With our luck, the teases will begin just after this article goes live, but it’s not happening now.

2) No Rumors Or Leaks: Equally as telling as the lack of official details is the total dearth of unofficial ones. While the leak cycle for Surface is hardly as pervasive as Apple products, there were still fairly concrete statements about the Surface Pro 4 as early as August of last year. Experts like Paul Thurrott and Tom Warren were spouting about a reveal for months.

In contrast, beyond a single patent for a possible magnetic pen, we know nothing about the Surface Pro 5. We can make assumptions about the tablet’s specs and features based on hardware manufacturing trends, but there hasn’t actually been a legitimate Surface Pro 5 rumor yet. When even the insiders are quiet, a release date probably isn’t soon.

3) Redstone 2 Delay: For those not in the know, Redstone 2 is the codename for Microsoft’s fourth major update to Windows 10. However, in March of this year, the sizable patch was delayed until early 2017 to support “a new wave of Microsoft-branded Windows 10 devices.” While it was expected Redstone 2 would go live in October, just like its predecessor did for the release of the Surface Pro 4, the new update was delayed to support hardware.

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