UFO News 2016: Alien Object Spotted In Devon, England?

#UFO #England – UFO News 2016: Alien Object Spotted In Devon, England? : More UFO news from the United Kingdom as a mysterious light was once again caught on camera. This latest sighting comes from the south in the town of Exmouth, Devon, England.

The light seen in the video appears to be an orb of light floating across the sky. These types of objects are perhaps the most common type of UFO reported or caught on video.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, such objects are often found emerging from bodies of water such as lakes or oceans. The previous reported sighting of such objects came from across the Atlantic in Colorado.

This latest sighting was captured by a mother and a daughter who shared the footage online. Both seemed to be convinced that the mysterious light they captured was alien in origin.

UFO News: Mother And Daughter Capture Mysterious Light In Devon

The 43-year-old Tanya Davis and her daughter, 15-year-old Charlee didn’t expect their footage would make UFO news. They claimed the object hovered overhead for two to three minutes before slowly disappearing out of sight.

Friends of theirs suggested that what they captured was merely a drone. Both Davis’ however argued that the object was just too big and that it did not make any engine noise.

In an effort to find more information about the mysterious floating object, the mother and daughter even called nearby Exeter Airport. The phone call yielded nothing however, as the airport failed to shed any light on the phenomena.

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