UFO Sighting: Martian ‘glove’ spotted in NASA image, is it an alien ‘petrifying weapon?’

#UFO #NASA – UFO Sighting: Martian ‘glove’ spotted in NASA image, is it an alien ‘petrifying weapon?’ : After spotting a gold ring, now conspiracy theorists have found an alien glove on the red planet. It was spotted in an image captured by NASA’s curiosity rover that is exploring Mars in search of water and life. Alien hunters believe that NASA knows about the existence of aliens.

Following the earlier claim of an “ancient gold ring” on Mars, another UFO Sighting article explains that  an alien glove has been spotted in a recently recovered image clicked by NASA’s Mars rover. It points to some evidence of a “petrifying weapon.”

Scott Waring explains: “Many of my readers tell me that we are from Mars, the last remnants of an ancient culture that was 99% wiped out by disaster or war. That seems more likely than life just springing up here on Earth as Darwin mistakenly decided.”

The photograph shows a number of other objects too, claims the UFO seeker. Scrolling down the page discloses images with portions marked as “tubes” and “containers.”

What could the image of the glove be? It might be a “sculpted hand” or an actual petrified one with “an extended smaller finger.” This might even be a beam weapon that has been viewed earlier in movies.

“This weapon might be a tool that converts flesh into stone,” said another bizarre theory.

But the comments seem to reveal more believers than skeptics. One commentator even pointed out: “And the half-buried face to the left of it. Looks like a face.”

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Another Unknown wrote: “Hi Scott, have you seen the markings that look like writing to the left of the famous Mars statue image? There also appears to be some geometric markings on large stones to the centre of the image. Actually the whole area seems to be strewn with debris of worked stone.” source:hngn

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