In 1916, a New Technology for Warfare: Tanks

#Technology #WarfareIn 1916, a New Technology for Warfare: Tanks : From DNA to Proteins “The hypothesis that the genes of the living cell contain all the information needed for the cell to reproduce itself is now more than 50 years old. Implicit in the hypothesis is the idea that the genes bear in coded form the detailed specifications for the thousands of kinds of protein molecules the cell requires for its moment-to-moment existence: for extracting energy from molecules assimilated as food and for repairing itself as well as for replication.

It is only within the past 15 years, however, that insight has been gained into the chemical nature of the genetic material and how its molecular structure can embody coded instructions that can be ‘read’ by the machinery in the cell responsible for synthesizing protein molecules.—Francis H. C. Crick”

In 1962 Crick had shared a Nobel Prize for his work on DNA.

Cold War Espionage

“Testimony by two scientists intimately involved in the wartime work at Los Alamos noted that the secret ‘cross-section sketch’ introduced in the espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell in 1951 was worthless as a description of the bomb.

The two scientists are Henry Linschitz, of Brandeis University, and Philip Morrison, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On motion by Sobell, who is serving a 30-year sentence in Federal prison, the secret portion of the trial record has been opened to public inspection.

Linschitz declared: ‘It is not possible in any technologically useful way to condense the results of a two-billion-dollar development effort into a diagram, drawn by a high-school graduate machinist on a single sheet of paper.’” In 2008 Sobell, at age 91, admitted turning over military information to the Soviet Union.

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