Features Rundown: Tesla Model S

#Tesla #ModelS – Features Rundown: Tesla Model S : The Tesla Model S can be considered as one of the highest performing cars, as it is quite safe at the same time as well. All the parts of this car are generally powered electrically, and it can reach 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. This car has an autopilot feature, guaranteeing safer driving.

The lighting of this particular car is also very advanced. The lights used in its headlamps are LED, and it reduces the energy usage and at the same time, it makes the car more stylish at the same time. When it comes to visibility at night, these lights are very much efficient.

When it comes to keeping pollution free environment in the car, it can be said that this model is very efficient. The air inside the car is kept clean from different bacteria and virus, enabling the car to preserve an environment-friendly environment.

Features-wise, the most attractive feature of the Model S is its auto pilot mode. It’s very easy to change the lanes, and at the same time, the speed control of this car is very efficient as it has digitally-controlled brakes and motors, ensuring safety in driving.

Indeed, the Tesla Model S is one of the best electric-powered cars. Power efficiency comes out as among its strongest assets. Just one full charge can bring this car to almost 220 miles. Moreover, the battery used in this particular car is very strong at the same time, so it’s able to maximize all the car’s functionalities. This car also has a dual motor engine facility complete with four wheel drive.

So, for anyone who’s looking to get a car with advanced features, then this car can be a perfect choice. source:hngn

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