Immediate MacBook Pro 2016 Release Following October 24 Intro with Refreshed MacBook Air?

#MacBookAir #MacBookProImmediate MacBook Pro 2016 Release Following October 24 Intro with Refreshed MacBook Air? : Apple will reportedly take center stage on October 24 and introduce the MacBook Pro 2016, possibly with the rumored MacBook Air refresh. It is expected that release date of the macOS Sierra laptops will immediately follow.

The tech giant has penciled the fourth Monday of October 2016 as the day to finally reveal the already delayed MacBook Pro upgrade. “Monday 24th October is predicted to be the date chosen to unveil the new MacBook Pro to the public,” The Apple Post reported.

The October unboxing, according to 9to5Mac, seems likely considering Apple’s history of announcing fresh MacBook builds in the same month.

Earlier reports have indicated that the Cupertino company is set to finalize macOS Sierra in preparation for the global MBP 2016 rollout. The countdown starts in the second week of October, by which time macOS will become official.

In a related report, MacRumors said that finalizing first macOS Sierra is crucial to the MacBook Pro 2016 push, which will also include the MacBook Air upgrade.

It was understood that the OS bump is key for MacBook fans to experience the optimal hardware features jammed with the devices, specifically the MBP 2016.

Among the key hardware jumps are the Touch ID power button and OLED function keys, the smooth implementation of which should be hardcoded with the renamed OS X.

Speculations are also rife that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with an AMD Polaris 11 GPU, specifically the high-end 15-inch form factor.

Such feature, analysts said, corresponds with the prediction of a major redesign planned by Apple for the new MacBook Pros as the AMD graphics card is designed for ultra-thin notebook build and extended operating hours.

“The new MacBook Pro is pegged to have a smaller footprint and be thinner than existing models, but not to use the same wedge shape as the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air machines,” 9to5Mac said.

Still, it remains a big mystery as to what the exact Intel processing chip will power the MacBook Pro 2016. Rumors have it that it will be Kaby Lake but in such a case, the unpacking will have to wait until early 2017. Intel Skylake is the more realistic option as it points to a nearly confirmed MBP 2016 release date this late October. Source: Yibada

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