Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: Smartphone to be first Microsoft phone with 8 GB RAM?

#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone release date, specs: Smartphone to be first Microsoft phone with 8 GB RAM? : For its attempt at comeback to the mobile scene, Microsoft will give users three variants of the Microsoft Surface Phone to choose from, if the reports are anything to go by.

It is being said that the Redmond-based software giant’s first smartphone post-Lumia will offer a model with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage as the entry level. A higher Microsoft Surface Phone variant will allegedly house 6 GB RAM with double the first one’s memory, 128 GB. The biggest model users can opt for comes with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage.

This should be the highest memory and storage capacity users will see in a smartphone to date. Even a handset with 256 GB is still yet to see the light of day. These configurations, especially the highest one, are possible since the Microsoft Surface Phone is also rumored to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor, which will reportedly support up to 8 GB RAM.

The displays will also be at 5.5 inches and 6 inches although there was no specification which is which. It will make sense for the bigger size to be on the handset with the biggest to offer.

In addition, rumor has it that the handset will come with the Surface Pen to keep it in line with its Surface siblings. Not only that, but a keyboard is also expected to be integrated into the device.

There is no information to corroborate this yet as Microsoft has been relatively silent on its plans mobile department. The Microsoft Surface Phone is still yet to be made official.

Despite this, there are reports suggesting that the handset will be released in spring 2017 to make sure it benefits from the Redstone 2 upgrade for the Windows 10. Interestingly, there are still reports, albeit unfounded, that Microsoft will lift the covers off the Surface Phone at some point this month. Source: christiantimes

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