Microsoft’s Windows Hello Could Soon Work with iPhones and Android Devices

#Microsoft #Windows10 – Microsoft’s Windows Hello Could Soon Work with iPhones and Android Devices : Windows 10 already supports companion devices thanks to the release of Anniversary Update in early August, but Microsoft is working on more ways to improve it and make it compatible with more than just its own products.

Android and iOS devices could soon become companion devices as well, which means that Windows Hello, Microsoft’s signature security feature released with Windows 10, could work on non-Windows devices as well.

iPhones and Android phones becoming companion devices

As Thurott notes, a hint in this regard was dropped at Ignite, with Microsoft senior program manager Anoosh Saboori explaining that mobile devices are pretty much the companion devices that everyone carries around these days and which can be used to substantially improve security of Windows systems.

“When you think about a user and the kind of devices they carry with them, they normally have the phone in their pocket, they [might] have some kind of wearable on their arm, some of them might have the security fobs given to them by their company, and many of us carry a badge with us that is used to gain access to different physical locations. We wanted to leverage these devices as a way to knowing the user,” he stated.

“There are other solutions coming for iPhone too,” he said, “more than one, but that [the RSA solution] is the closest one to shipping,” he continued, adding that Android devices will also get such support from partners.

Furthermore, Microsoft is working on even more advanced ways to control the security of a Windows 10 system and companion devices will get new features in this regard. For instance, Windows 10 computers could automatically lock when a companion device moves out of its range, thus making sure that no unauthorized access happens on a system even if the user hasn’t manually locked it.

There’s still no timing as to when these features would become available, but given that the next big step in Windows 10’s roadmap is the release of Redstone 2, which should take place in the spring of 2017, expect them to land early next year. source:softpedia

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