Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Tips: How To Fix Battery Draining, Overheating Problems?

#Samsung #GalaxyS7Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Tips: How To Fix Battery Draining, Overheating Problems? : There have been a number of tips and tricks for enhancing the battery life of Samsung Galaxy devices suggested.

But with the new apps and accessories on the market, the problem of battery draining continues and you have to be continuously updated with the latest techniques to fix the battery drain of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

According to WCCFTECH, a number of user complaints and feedback show that the reason for the overheating and battery drain problems of Galaxy S7 phones is the latest updates sent by the Oculus app. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR service with the update from Oculus is causing sudden death of battery life in these Smartphones.

This is also the reason for overheating of these Galaxy devices. The only fix that appears at this stage is uninstalling the application, Android Policereported. Users have reported that their phones CPU stay cranked up and this prevents the device from going to the sleep mode, which kills the battery.

A post from the Android user says that Galaxy S7 lost 70% of its battery in just 3 hours due to the same reason. But the problem of uninstalling the Oculus app is there.  It runs your Gear VR UI and if it is uninstalled, you wont be able to use the headset after that.

Well, the problem from this app is its new part called Oculus Rooms. The Oculus VR app gets stuck in the loop of the installation when it continuously downloads and installs this new application.

The real big solution at the hands of Oculus develeopers. And until then, the best solution is to remove the app and hold on using the Gear UI for a while You will be able to reinstall the Oculus VR app once a major release with hotfix rolls out to everyone in the market. Source: Morningnewsusa

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