Aliens arrived Earth 7000 years ago; built space centre in Misopotamia

#Earth #AliensAliens arrived Earth 7000 years ago; built space centre in Misopotamia : Aliens reportedly built the first ever space center on earth to launch the ancient spacecraft in-order to discover the Planet X of the solar system.

The reports sound to be very interesting as Kazem Finjan, Iraqi Minister of Transport, furnished the details of space station that was developed in El Naciria area in around 5,000 BC.

Finjan said the El Naciria area space station was used to explore the solar system and the mythical planet Planet X. Also, it is reported that Mesopotamia, being the birth place of civilization, is also claimed to be the start of space exploration and ancient space mission.

According to Express UK, it is reported that Finjan who addressed the press at the new airport in Dhi Qar, South Iraq said that the world’s first airport was constructed by ancient Sumerians aided by sophisticated visitors from other worlds 7,000 years ago.

It is reported that the space center was built earlier than the time as noticed by the generations living in the current world.

Finjan also invited those who deny the claims mentioned in the book by the Sumerian historian Zecharia Sitchin to visit the El Naciria area, south Iraq to witness the space station anciently built. It was believed to be the safest place for landing and takeoff along with the finest weather conditions for the aircrafts.

It was accordingly built by Sumerians 7000 years ago and reports depicted that the Sumerains were aware of this airport and used it for their flights to other planets.

At the press conference, Finjan referenced Russian professor and Sumerian expert Samuel Kramer, and said “The first airport that was established on planet earth was in this place.”

He also added “Sumerian spaceships used to launch from Earth to other planets. There are probably not many people who have knowledge, namely the fact that it was the first airport constructed 5,000 years before Christ.” Source: HNGN

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