HP Elite x3 Now Available For $799 At Microsoft Store

#HPElitex3 #Microsoft – HP Elite x3 Now Available For $799 At Microsoft Store : For people looking to buy HP’s Elite X3, here’s good news for you. Microsoft is now selling the handset at the Microsoft Store. Earlier reports might have suggested that the device will be released October 11 due to some bug-related issues. However, it looks like HP and Microsoft are already ready to put the device on the market.

HP Elite x3 Specs, Price

The HP Elite x3 sports a 5.96-inch display, a 16 MP rear camera, 64 GB internal storage and 2 TB microSD capacity. Furthermore, the said device also features a fingerprint reader and an iris recognition system. Microsoft Store sells the HP Elite x3 for $799 including the HP Elite x3 Desk Dock.

As a whole, the new Windows phone is actually quite a powerhouse device. It’s pretty much a good Surface Phone alternative in case the rumored device doesn’t get released. The only problem is that the HP Elite x3 might currently have some minor issues that require a firmware update to get resolved.

HP Elite x3 Bugs and Fixes

One thing worth noting before buying the HP Elite x3 is that it doesn’t come with the Anniversary Update and it uses an older Win10 version. This leads to some imperfections caused by what is considered an unfinished software, Win Beta reported.

One of the said problems is the device’s fingerprint sensor that is said to require the Anniversary Update to start working. Nevertheless, if you happen to buy the HP Elite x3, you can just install the update on the device.

It is also important to mention that the reason why HP Elite x3 should have been pushed to get an October 11 release is because of the camera bugs that need some fixing. Unfortunately, this problem won’t be fixed by installing the Anniversary Update.

However, an upcoming firmware update is expected to be released to fix this issue. Overall, the device is a hefty Windows phone. Just as long as these flaws are fixed by installing updates and fixes, it doesn’t seem like the HP Elite x3 is a bad deal.source:itechpost

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