Microsoft vs Sony: 6 things the PS4 can do that the Xbox One can’t

#Microsoft #SonyMicrosoft vs Sony: 6 things the PS4 can do that the Xbox One can’t : Console wars have come a long way since the days when Nintendo fanboys bragged about the SNES having “more colours” than the Sega Mega Drive, or when N64 users boasted about having the most bits. Now it’s all about frame-rates and resolution, exclusive games and apps, and whether or not your console stands up or lays flat underneath your massive 50″ 4K TV – and don’t get us started about the whole 4K thing.

With the battle between Microsoft and Sony entering a new phase thanks to the release of PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, Express Online has decided to look at the big differences between the Xbox One and PS4, starting with Sony’s gaming device. So if you’re Microsoft-loving friend won’t stop banging on about how good the Xbox One is, fight back with these unique facts about the PS4.

1. Virtual Reality

One of the big differences between the PS4 and Xbox One is that come October 13, Sony fans will be able to experience virtual reality on their consoles with PlayStation VR – although you will have to shell out around £350 on the headset and camera for it to work.

With a PlayStation VR device strapped to your head and a camera glued to the top of your television set, PS4 users will experience what it feels like to actually be in a video game. PlayStation VR immerses you in the game world, letting you look around and explore environments in full 3D. You’ll experience what it’s like to sink to the depths of the ocean one minute, only to soar through the skies the next.

A sampler of these experiences can be found on a free PSVR demo disc, which contains extracts from Battlezone, Driveclub, RIGS Mechanized Combat League and PlayStation VR Worlds. Virtual reality will eventually make its way to Xbox One, but not until late next year with the high-spec Scorpio.

2. Game Streaming

Every time your Xbox One-loving friend brings up the admittedly excellent backwards compatibility feature, shut them down with a quick mention of PlayStation Now. Essentially the gaming equivalent of Netflix, PlayStation Now lets you stream hundreds of PS3 games on your PS4 and most other Sony devices.

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