Nintendo Mini NES Will Offer Outstanding Graphics

#NintendoMini #NES – Nintendo Mini NES Will Offer Outstanding Graphics : After Nintendo’s announcement in July of the $59.99 Mini-NES that will arrive on the market on Nov. 11, now the company released a new promo video over the weekend, presenting some of the gadget’s features.

Nintendo Mini-NES

The miniaturized version of the NES will come with an HDMI cable, one controller, a USB cable and 30 games, according to Yahoo Sports News. A USB-to-AC adapter and a second controller will be sold separately.

As seen in the promo video that has been just launched over the weekend by Nintendo, by hitting the “reset” button on the console, for each of the 30 games users will be able to save their progress in up to four different locations. Unfortunately, because the retro design of the console users will have to effectively get up and walk to it in order to save their progress.

Another feature that can be seen in the promo video is the option to select different display modes depending. For instance, in case that users want the game to be crisp, than they can choose Pixel Perfect. Other available options are the original aspect ratio (4:3) or a CRT filter that makes the game look like is played on an old TV.

One of the most unexpected features is, perhaps, the introduction of the QR codes. By scanning a QR code on the screen for each game, users will be able to access copies of the original instruction books.

According to ExtremeTech, the tiny sized Mini-NES will offer outstanding graphics, making for a great gaming experience. The publication suggests that the graphics provided by the micro-console are better than even Nintendo’s Virtual Console on the Wii U.

One of the downsides of the upcoming Mini-NES gaming console, according to the website, is the fact that the controller cable is reportedly very short. With cables being roughly three feet long it might not be as easy as before to sit on the floor in front of the TV. However, this might not discourage interest for the console from nostalgic gamers. source:itechpost

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