OMG !!! Spider with an alien face is no no no no

#Alien #SpiderOMG !!! Spider with an alien face is no no no no : We’ve brought you some strange looking spiders in our time, but this eight-legged critter really takes the biscuit. It doesn’t know whether it’s a spider or an alien.

Either way, we’ve got the blow torch ready and we’re going to burn it with fire! Before you arachnophiles come to Metro HQ to protest, we aren’t really. It’s in western Russia and we don’t want to pay the air fare.

It was found in a flat in the city of Penza and posted online. Naturally people were intrigued and wanted to know if it was poisonous. A zoologist with the catchy name of Oleg Polumordvinov believes the spider was a flower crab spider (Misumena vatia).

It’s just a flower crab spider. Phew! (Picture: CEN)

It’s just a flower crab spider. Phew! (Picture: CEN)

‘These spiders are typical for our region and it do not pose any threat to humans,’ he said. Flower crab spiders are commonly found in woods during the autumn and eat only flies, being incapable of biting through human skin, he added.

Mr Polumordvinov believed the spider must have been brought into the flat from outside and underlined that there was nothing to be afraid of.

‘Just catch it and release it onto the street. There is nothing else to do here,’ he said. Netizen ‘King Fullbuster’ commented: ‘While the photo was loading I thought the face was externally attached to the spider. Kinda creepy.’

And ‘Anatoliy Sysoyev’ added: ‘C’mon dude, stop whining. This spider is definitely not poisonous, I used to eat those when I was a kid. You are good.’Source: metro

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