Will Microsoft Release a New Surface Phone This Month?

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneWill Microsoft Release a New Surface Phone This Month? : With rumors flying that Microsoft could be releasing an All in One desktop system, there is also a lot of talk about a new Surface phone at an expected event later this month. Lenovo has just announced that it doubt’s Microsoft’s commitment to its Windows 10 mobile platform and has therefore stopped manufacturing phones for the platform, and sales of the latest (and last) Lumias have tanked.

The Surface phone – a phone designed by the team behind Surface, and not the Lumia team – has been rumoured for years, but we have yet to see any real evidence that it’s coming. There have been renderings and concept designed, like the ConceptPhones image that was published over at LearnBonds, which suggest the phone is pretty standard, except for the large button and fingerprint scanner on the back – which can be found on the new Google Pixel and is expected to feature on the upcoming BlackBerry DTEK60.

Some more solid speculation, however, suggests that the new Surface Phone could be aimed towards the enterprise market, which would make sense given that Microsoft is struggling to sell in the consumer market as a result of its lacking app store. The Windows 10 strategy of creating universal apps, which run on their highly popular desktop system as well as their phones, has yet to take off.

Kevin Gallo, Corporate VP of Windows, spoke this summer about the future of Windows Phone, explaining that it is ‘fully supporter’ and that Microsoft is ‘fully behind it’. He did admit, however, that there will be changes to the hardware, which is fueling the Surface rumors. Gallo explained:

“We’re really aligned to what we’ve done on the Windows desktop…which is we’ll lead with some high end and category innovation like we’ve done with Surface, and OEMs will go and build the breadth of the catalog.”

At this point, it’s possible that the Surface Phone will be an attempt to push manufacturers to innovate, which will certainly be welcome, given that only BlackBerry – which has recently had to outsource design and manufacturing – has been the only manufacturer creating phones with Keyboards and that break the usual design parameters. Source: appuals

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