#iPadPro2 #Apple – iPad Pro 2 specs, release date: A10X chip hailed as most powerful among competitors, late 2016 launching confirmed? : The upcoming chip for the iPad Pro 2 got a score higher than its competitors for both the single-core and multi-core category according to a recently conducted test. The A10X has been benchmarked with other processors currently available in the market which paved way for it to possibly become the most powerful chip available. Rumors are now circulating that the iPad Pro 2 will be unveiled this October.

In a Weibo leak, the A10X processor of the iPad Pro 2 scored a Geekbench of 4236 and 6588 for the single-core and multi-core category respectively, Techtastic reported. The A10 currently installed in the iPhone 7 only garnered a score of 3490 and 5580 for the said categories.

Aside from the A10, the A10X also topped other processors currently used by flagship devices. For instance, the Snapdragon 820 of the Samsung Galaxy S7 averaged a multi-score of only 5398. Its Exynos model is also a few notches lower with a multi-score of only 6542, the report added.

In terms of release date, Apple has not announced any potential launching for the iPad Pro 2. It was last September 2015 when the iPad Pro was unveiled. Fans hoped it would be followed with another installment a year after which they expected to launch alongside the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, the unveiling of the Pro tablet did not happen.

However, industry experts are suggesting the Cupertino-based company will hold a huge event in October that will give way to the launching of the said tablet. This will also be the company’s venue to unveil the much-anticipated Macbook Pro 2016. They are also speculating the iPad Pro 2 will not be available until Apple releases it in February 2017, Tech Radar reported.