Tesla Autopilot Successfully Covers 222 Million Miles But it’s Still a “Traffic Hazard”

#Cars #TeslaTesla Autopilot Successfully Covers 222 Million Miles But it’s Still a “Traffic Hazard” : Tesla Motors Autopilot has been referred to as “considerable traffic hazard,” by an internal report for Germany’s Transport Ministry.

As per the magazine Der Spiegel, Alexander Dobrindt – Transport Minister – was well aware of the report, but showed no intent to take the model out of service.  The Ministry, however, did told Reuters that more tests are being carried on, and the final evaluation had still not been done.

Tesla Autopilot censured

On Friday, magazine Der Spiegel reported that the Federal Highway Research Institute conducted several tests on the Model S, and censured it on many factors. Drivers, for example, do not get any warning from the Autopilot system when a car encounters a scenario that a computer can’t address, the magazine said.

Also, the report noted that the emergency brake perform inadequately and during an overtaking, the sensors on the car do not detect far back enough.

In a statement, Tesla Motors said, “We have always been clear with our customers that Autopilot is a drivers assistance system that requires the driver to pay attention at all times.”

The EV firm also noted that its system includes precautions to take care of any misuse from the driver, and such safeguards are the best in the industry. And, its emergency braking system is the “state of the art” in the industry.

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