5 popular photo editing apps for Windows 10

#WindowsStore #Windows105 popular photo editing apps for Windows 10 : Despite the obvious app gap that occurs when comparing Microsoft’s Windows Store offerings to that of Apple’s App Store of Google’s Play Store, regarding modern app development, Windows users might find the photo editing app experience in Windows 10 on par if not better than on competing platforms.

Removing the elephant in the room that is Photoshop’s desktop suite of creation and editing software that puts Windows and Mac users are at a distinct advantage over other burgeoning mobile platforms, some Windows 10 users may feel panicked to find a suitable replacement for photo editing chores in the Windows Store.

However, I encourage users to fear not, surprisingly, photo editing is the one place Windows 10 users can rest easy when it comes to not only quantity of photo editing apps but also quality.

Starting off, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store has gone through some edits and revisions as well as some much-needed user flow and user interface attention which makes finding photos editing apps much easier than in Windows 8 or the first year of Windows 10.

Under the collection section in the Windows Store, users should find a section listed as Picture Perfect Photos. Under the PPP tab, users will then find a listing of apps that include Adobe Photoshop, Phototastic Collage, PicsArt: Photo Studio Photo Editor/Polarr and many others.

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